Specification Table:

Grinding Range Ø140-650 mm
Teeth Pitch Ma x . 25 mm
Sawblade Thickness Max . 8 m m
Grinding speed 15 - 50 teeth/min
Grinding Wheel Diameter Ø30 mm
Grinding Wheel ID Ø6 mm
Grinding Wheel Motor 370W
Transmission Motor 0.25 KW
Cooling Motor 0.09 KW
Grinding Wheel Speed(50Hz/60Hz) 1000 - 40000 rpm
Power Supply 0.75 KW
Net Weight / Gross Weight 264 /322 kg
Package Size 88 x 108 x 185 cm

※All designs,spec. and characteristics shown as above is subject to any change withoul further notice.

Standard Accessor

Work Light 1pc
Bushing32 / 40 mm 1pc
Tool Box 1sex
Instruction Manual 1copy
Diamond Grinding Wheel 3pc