MeasurementsStandard Attachments
Sharpening Range: Ø3 ~ Ø32mm European type electrical contorl including stand and cooling apparatus.
Front Edge Angle: 40° ~ 180° (CBN) Diamond grinding wheel (1 set / 2pieces).
Back Rake Angle: 0° ~ 18° For single blade of chamfering tools use No.1 cam.
Motor: 1/2 HP Sharpen drills use No.2 cam.
Ploygon 150 x 25 x 31.75mm For third blade of chamfering tools and screw tap use No.3 cam.
Weight Net Gross Weights: 134kg / 178kg Drill's fourth blade screw topping attack, use No.4 cam.
Crate Size: 73 x 68 x 144 cm Chuck, six-jaw auto centering.
- Grinding wheel and attached weights
- M-type sleeve MT2, MT3
- Quartz lamp
- Operation Manual and Demonstration CD
- General tools
- Electric motor device
- Governor